Iconic landscapes, unknown places, atmospheres and scenarios that have imbedded themselves in my memory forever: The world as seen through the lens of a camera

One can’t photograph landscapes and remain detached from the surrounding world. Often, leaving the trail path and getting lost in the wilderness helps create a deeper and more intimate bond with nature. A bond, this gathering of pictures tries to unveil

Even in the blackest of nights there will always be light amidst the darkness; whether it be light shining from the stars, the moon, a frail twilight or a spectacular sunrise. After all the nights are not so dark

A journey amongst the stars and beyond, through diamond like clusters towards new galaxies and new frontiers. After all, which of us hasn’t dreamt of leaping into the sky when looking at the stars?

Powder and gas from the Deep Sky. The Nebulae are the most painted and varied objects of the celestial vault, and by all means a true passion of mine. Whether they are dark or colourful- I’m always ready to photograph one

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